Aircel Kick Started 3G Experience Speed Test In Chennai

Aircel is one of the India’s leading telecom with millions of subscribers. Many of us use smartphone, we always want to stay connected. If you take me, I communicate a lot through whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Google talk, iMessage and other services. I literally stopped using traditional carrier’s text service. I also reduced cellular voice based calls. I have to stay connected to the internet to enjoy the above mentioned services.

At home, no issues, I have a faster internet connection. While I go out, I have to use faster internet connection on mobile to enjoy those services. I have to use 3G, I get around 6 Mbps speed on my old iPhone 4. There is one major problem with 3G service, it is wireless and it depends on various factors.

Aircel has kick started an initiative to show the extraordinary performance of their 3G speed in Chennai city.

Aircel 3G Speed Chennai

An Aircel branded car with promoters using high end phone, dongles and tablets for demonstration will visit 500 outlets in chennai city for a month. The Live 3G speed test will be conducted at the outlet. A speed certificate is issued to the outlet where the total achieved download and upload speed is mentioned.

Mr. Sankara Narayanan K, Head SBU 1 Chennai and ROTN, Aircel said, “Aircel is the pioneer in data and has brought a revolution in the data industry with its innovative, value for money products. There has been a rapid increase in the smart phone usage across all segments, especially youth. Today’s youth wants to be connected 24 hours in a day and all that is needed is a seamless 3G network which Aircel promises to provide. Through this initiative, Aircel encourages its potential data customers to experience our seamless high speed 3G Data network at various touch points across Chennai.”

The Aircel vehicle will reach top hot spots in the city, top data selling outlets, company owned stores and branded stores across the city.

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