Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit – You Must Definitely Own This !

Apple’s New iPad (iPad 3) has released in most of the countries. New iPad is packed with Retina Display, Dual Core CPU and Quad Core GPU, Apple named this processor as A5X SOC processor. The new iPad also has 1 GB of RAM and it is the first Apple iDevice with LTE. Every one who bought the New iPad said “Oh Man! The Retina Display Is Really Awesome”.

If you are a photographer, you will definitely enjoy your pictures on the New iPad’s Retina Display. But, how to transfer pictures from your camera to the New iPad on the go ? Apple has a solution for this. All you need is Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. This is one of the must have iPad Accessories, not only to a photographer but also for every iPad user

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Consists of 2 seperate devices, 0ne with USB Port and the other one is stranded SD Card reader that enables two data transfer methods. With SD card we can transfer our pictures and videos to the New iPad without any hassle.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

With the USB port you can connect the battery operated camera or iPhone  to transfer all the pics and videos to the New iPad. iPhone 4/4s Photos and videos can be transferred  to iPad with this USB Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Is all USB devices supported? Definitely not. If you connect any other USB device, iPad will prompt an error. There are some tricks to use some other USB devices like Keyboard or a Mic that is through connecting a USB powered Hub.

Live preview is not possible on iPad you have to transfer the photos or videos to your iPad before working with them.

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