CaseMate Tank Case For iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 [Review]

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S looks premium in hands because of the glass panels and steal body. Many claims that these panels are easy to break and phone may get damaged easily if dropped. Many iPhone users use case to protect their iPhone from accidental damage. There are lots of cases available in the market. CaseMate is one of the top manufacturer in making special cases for iPhone.

CaseMate Tank Case For iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

CaseMate Tank case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S stands unique. Its a 3 part hard case made from though plastics and gives maximum protection for iPhone.

Modeled after motorcycle helmet engineering, Tank is designed with a hard, impact resistant exterior and a shock absorbing interior. A shatter resistant, polycarbonate hard shell combines with the thick, silicone cushioned interior.

The retractable screen shields from impacts, cracking and condensation, fully protecting the iPhone screen. The Tank exterior is made of a premium, soft grip texture that slides easily in and out of your pockets. The Tank tests number one in impact resistance against the leading brand, and meets or exceeds US military standards.

CaseMate Tank Case For iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Benifits of CaseMate Tank case for iPhone

  • Polycarbonate hard shell with silicone-cushioned interior is the best technology for absorbing impacts and protecting your smartphone
  • Retractable screen shields from impacts, cracking and condensation
  • Meets or exceeds US military standards, so you have the Department of Defense’s confidence in TANK’s rugged performance
  • Premium, soft grip texture won’t stick in your pocket, with fun colors for everyone
  • Holster clip allows you to keep the phone easily accessible; included for iPhone 4/4S only
CaseMate Tank case is definitely not suitable for normal users. Tank Case is best suited for users like sportsman, hikers, Service workman and guys who use their iPhone in tough conditions. If you use tank case, your iPhone will definitely look BIG. The retrachable screen protucter provides additional protection to the iPhone.

CaseMate Tank Case For iPhone Gallery

I won’t suggest casemate tank case for iPhone for all users. Your phone will look like some giant old school mobile phone if you use this case. If you are a hiker, sportsman or industrial person and looking for smart case , I will definitely recommend CaseMate tank case for iPhone, its really good for protection. Tank Case for iPhone 4S is available in many online stores for $60. If you are looking for any best mobile phone cover do check out
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  1. I won’t suggest casemate tank case for iPhone for all users too!

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