CloudSites by Razorfish, Innovative Cloud Computing Based Tool For Internet Marketers

Micro-sites are created by internet marketers. These sites are mostly created to target seasonal or specific product for specific period of time. These micro-sites contains different concepts to improve the sales of the promoted products. Micro-sites use to get lots of traffic since it is aimed to target customers who are interested in the particular product or online service. We cannot simply host these micro-sites on any server, if there is a spike in traffic the server will go down and website won’t open, this create a mess to the marketer.

Razorfish has started a CloudSites to host micro-sites for marketers based on the cloud computing technology. Cloud hosting is liked by every webmaster, since your site is hosted on cloud it will be accessed faster and it can handle huge traffic. CloudSites works with any CMS editor and we just have to upload the necessary files and follow the On-screen simple steps to run the micro-site.


“CloudSites has the ability to launch and run extremely high traffic campaign websites without burning a hole in your pocket. The set up does not need any technical know-how and can be completed at the click of a few buttons. One of the core benefits of CloudSites is that a website continues performing consistently and remains available even under heavy traffic. This means you do not lose hard-earned business due to server problems. Traditionally this was possible only by procuring a large number of servers – an expensive, time-consuming and technical resource-intensive proposition”  Says  Saurabh Chandra CEO of newly acquired Razorfish Neev who have built this innovation.

Highlights of CloudSites by Razorfish

  • Extreme scalability – serve more than a million hits a day without any performance degradation
  • Very high availability (99.99% over a year)
  • Low latency, high data-transfer speeds via CDN across 5 continents
  • Just 3-clicks to upload your microsite
  • Easy scheduling of micro-site launches

I think every we must try CloudSites to host micro sites during our marketing campaign or online promotion.

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