Why You Should Consider Getting A Microsoft Surface Computer

What makes the Microsoft Surface line so successful? They are a bit on the expensive side, yes, but what makes people choose them in spite of it? Well, there is the versatility of its design and its adaptability. Powered by the high end Windows 10, your laptop or desktop can seamlessly transform into a tablet or a studio through their hinge system. You can simply pop off the screen or fold it, and it will become a device that is perfect for on-the-go creative work like designing.

But this is pretty obvious just by looking at the release photos. In fact, the new Microsoft Surface Studio computer from Harvey Norman and all the other tech stores you frequent show an elegantly designed desktop which you can convert into your own personal studio just by simply folding it. So what else is keeping people coming?

Here we list down some of the reasons why the Microsoft Surface line is one of the best choices out there for you, whether it is for creative projects, for work, or anything that require high quality display and performance.

Battery capacity lasts for 12 hours

These days, when people say that a device does not need constant plugging in for charging, we become circumspect; because essentially, this just means it only lasts all day if you use it for simple tasks like checking emails. But the Surface Book will last for 12 hours with video playback, 10 hours if you are also browsing. That includes maximising the use of its processor power, so you would not be disturbed out of your flow because you do not have to recharge it constantly.

Dedicated graphics card

It is still surprising to know that the Surface Book is packed with a dedicated graphics card because of its size, it has such a small shell. It is powered by two graphics processors (Intel Core i5 and i7) with an 8GB or 16GB RAM, which makes it easy to access graphics intensive programs like games, Adobe Photoshop, even 3D modelling and rendering.

Pressure sensitivity

What was the one problem we used to have with stylus pen devices? It is usually hard to work on those, right? There has to be a specific pressure applied for it to work. But the Surface Book, there are 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, so using the Surface Pen is pretty much intuitive, as if you are using real pen and paper. This is perfect for taking down notes lightly or making bold sketches, and whatnot. Additionally, you can also change the tips of the pens, especially if you are using the Surface Book for sketching.

High definition display

The Surface screens works on 1700:1 contrast ratio, and what this means in simple terms is everything will look more colourful and more detailed than your usual laptops and tablets. See, this is why the Microsoft Surface line is the perfect device for designers, it is because you can see everything in perfect detail. But you know, it is also the perfect way to watch films, play games, and more. You can even be sure that media you have recorded yourself will be high quality because even the rear cameras are true 1080p HD cameras.

Excited to get your hands on a Surface Book? The Microsoft Surface line will surely fit all of your work needs, whether it is design related or otherwise. It can also be perfect for all your leisure activities like gaming and film viewing. So go on and get yourself the top of the line experience through the Microsoft Surface devices.

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