Energizer XP4001 Portable Charger [Review]

If you use 3G or LTE mobile data on your smartphone, the battery will dry soon. You have to hunt for power outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet. It is always good to carry a portable battery charger for your smartphone or tablets. While picking up a portable battery charger you must choose the right one. If you use multiple devices you have to choose the best one to work with all your phones and gadgets. I recently received Energizer XP4001 Twin USB Portable charger.

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Energizer XP4001 Portable Charger – Review

The Energizer XP4001 Portable Universal Charger has a massive 4000 mAh battery. This charger has 2 USB ports one for tablet and one for mobile phones.  One USB port has the output limit of 500 mAh which is ideal for smartphones and some accessories. The other USB port has the power output limit of 1.5 Ah which is ideal for iPad’s and other tablet devices. We can simultaneously charge 2 devices.

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Out of the box we get one apple 30 pin connector and 2 cables with interchangeable tips. This is actually a good idea since we don’t need to carry every single cable for every gadget we carry. The other tips for nokia, micro USB and Mini USB are included. Apart form this we can get 2 free tips but we have to pay for shipping charges.

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We have to simply connect the AC adapter that comes with the box to charge the portable charger. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the portable charger.

The downside of the this portable charger is its size, for the battery capacity i fell the size of the portable charger is big. It is not easy to carry in our pockets.

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4000 mAh battery

2 USB outs  – 1.5 Ah for Tablets , .5 Ah for smartphones

Interchangeable tips


Little bulk for its battery capacity

Free tips + handling charges

No USB charging.


I tried some portable battery chargers, most of them are not ideal for iPad. For $45, Energizer XP4001 Portable charger is ideal for my iPad and my iPhone. If you are looking for good portable charger for your tablet and phone, you must try Energizer XP4001 Portable charger. Have Galaxy Note 10.1 ? then you must check gerarzap for best Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories .

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