Four Things to Do With Your Old DVD’s

As you start to clean up your entertainment center, you notice lots of old DVDs that you haven’t watched in years. They are taking up space and you know that you aren’t going to be watching them again. They have outlived their usefulness. Instead of hanging onto the clutter, lots of people are starting to get rid of those old DVDs in a variety of different ways.


Sell Them

It makes sense to try selling old DVDs for money first. There are multiple ways to go about selling each title. The easiest option is to find an online buyer that will tell you right away what a certain title is worth. By plugging in a small amount of information, you get a good idea of how much cash you can expect. Many companies offer free shipping, meaning that there is no out of pocket cost when de-cluttering. Look for a site that has contact information in case you have questions and has a positive reputation within the online community.

Donate Them

The next best thing to getting money for DVDs might be to get a tax break by giving them to a local charity. You can gather them all up and drop them off and be done with all of them. It might be a good idea to keep a list of the titles and make sure to get a receipt. That way, when the time comes to take the deduction, you have proof that you actually gave them away and you can figure out how much each one is worth as far as your donation goes.

Convert Them

Many avid movie fans are looking to have their DVDs converted to digital media. Doing this on your own is often complicated and if you don’t have a clear understanding of how to rip a movie, things probably aren’t going to work out. Instead, look for a company that will handle the transition for you. The service will cost you an amount per DVD that you want to convert to digital, but it allows you to keep some of your favorite movies on hand.

Toss Them

In this day and age, just tossing anything is always a last resort. There are services that will help you recycle those old DVDs. You pay shipping costs and the company will take them and convert them into something else. This way, you aren’t just adding to a list of items in the landfill.

On the other hand, if you are done with the DVDs, you don’t want to spend any money to dispose of them and you can’t find another place for them, the trashcan is always an option. In fact, even after attempting to sell your DVDs or give them away, you might find that some are in terrible shape. In this case, they are no use to another person and have the option to recycle them or toss them out.

Monica Selters is a seasoned home interiors writer with an emphasis on organizing and de-cluttering the home. She has been writing for websites and printed media for more than 15 years and loves writing tips on things like selling old DVDs for money as a way for readers to clean out their houses.

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