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I am sick and tired of searching for file downloads on Google, which pops up unwanted sites with false or malicious content. I am sure you feel the same about it. So, I thought of the best way to search for downloads, I couldn’t think beyond hitting the right keywords, but then an idea struck, what if, there is a forum for it, which has ratings for downloads, so that we can choose the download wisely. It also assures us that it is the right file because, some other user like us has uploaded to the forum.

While searching for sites that offer this functionality, I came to know of which offers a forum based system, where you can download free movies, do a rapidshare search, also, it has a file search engine, supports file sharing and file sharing sites like megaupload, rapidshare.. etc. Free downloading of anything you are looking for, is possible. This is one of those sites which have an index of file sharing sites. If you are looking to download some old and popular movies for free, you can give it a visit. It also allows you to download free games, download free movies, download free music, download free videos…etc. *Anything* is what I wopuld like to classify the type of files you get there.


Some advantages of this forum style website are – it’s a big database, hosting provider is mentioned in every file, files have ratings. We can sort the files according to ratings, there is a huge catalog with tags to help you in browsing your interests. None of the files are hosted on their website, they are just shared there. Overall, we are in a forum where users help others in bringing the right stuff, and of course, it has free mp3 downloads !

Not only that, there is an efficient way of searching through the general-files catalog apart from the normal search in the main site.  That is,, which is a free download catalog, uses the general-files database. For example, if you’re searching for “Led Zeppelin” on GF, you are presented with the file names whichever contain the words, whereas in GC, you can select a category, for ex “ Music “ and search, which obviously brings you a better result, in an intuitive and  visually exciting way. I think it mainly differs from GF by indexing the description of a file, which is, I think, very smart. So, you may actually find files that might not be visible in GF.  It is a project in improvement, hence it is bound to get better. Overall, It acts as a good free software catalog which uses the file directory of

Other notable inclusion in this family of products is the General Downloader, which is a completely free download engine that helps in making your file sharing downloads easy. Forget waiting time, time-wasting ads or any other inappropriate stuff that file hosting services make you go through. You can bypass it easily. The downloader requires no captcha.  It is very useful with popular file sharing sites, for example, it is a free rapidshare downloader, free megaupload downloader, free sendspace downloader, free downloader, it also has a free download manager and supports many other popular services too.

So, get the files at General-Files, search in depth at General-Catalog and bypass file sharing hosts’ irritation thanks to GeneralDownloader, a complete overall solution If I may say.

Give them a try and let me know in the comments section, how this helped you finding your files better.

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