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InterFAX is one such online faxing service which has this fax exchange, which allows you to send and receive faxes directly within your Microsoft Exchange or Outlook email box. But to understand this, you need to know some general funda about Internet faxing.

Internet faxing, “e-Fax” or “online faxing” is a general term which refers to sending a document facsimile using the Internet, rather than using only phone networks (traditional faxing) with a fax machine.

Online FaxDepending on the specific method/implementation (see below), advantages of using the Internet can include

•           no hardware, no software

•           no extra telephone line required for the fax

•           paperless communication, integrated with email

•           send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously

•           reduction in phone costs

•           ability to receive and send faxes from any location that has Internet access

So, what is the difference between normal fax and Internet fax and how does InterFAX solve this through fax exchange?

Traditional fax exchange is over the phone line with a path  – Fax machine to Phone line to Fax machine

Internet faxing has different methods for sending and receiving, let’s the reception part-

A fax is sent via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to the fax server, which receives the fax and converts it into PDF or TIFF format, according to the instructions of the user. The processed file is then transmitted to the Web server, which sends it as an email containing the fax as an attached file, and sometimes sends a message reporting delivery to a mobile phone.

And the Sending part –

User connects to the supplier through a Web site, specifies the fax number of the receiver, and uploads the documents. The uploaded document is converted to either PDF or TIFF format (using a scanner that is ) and is then sent from the Web server to the fax server. The fax server transmits it to the receiving fax machine; a telephone network is used to do that. The sender receives confirmation of the successful transmission, by email.

Basically, When you sign up with an online fax service, you will be assigned a dedicated fax phone number that will convert incoming faxes to electric document that are automatically sent to your computer or fax machine. Document is converted to TIFF or PDF format and attached to an e-mail in MIME format.The service also allows you to send document like Word, PDF’s, or pictures file.

In InterFAX, you have several features; the most important is the fax exchange. You can just send a mail to the Fax number and InterFAX will take care of the rest on their servers. They have high scalability and availability with respect to server bandwidth. You can assign multiple users to send faxes. You can even broadcast faxes to multiple fax machines right from your mail box. You do not need to worry about the security since every mail is encrypted. And they have good service too.

So, I think you might have learnt how InterFAX solves the fax problem. Spread the word and let me know some feedback in the comments section below.

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