Is Text Over IP The future?

I know the title sounds a bit stupid, but I am sure you can decode it in the right way. Yes I am talking about replacing the ubiquitous text SMS with various online text messaging services that have started to crop in a dozen. Will they replace the traditional messaging services that is still loved by millions? Will it be the future of messaging?

Ok, let me get straight to my opinion. I have a very strong suggestion that sending a text online is the way of the future. This is all because of the adverse effects of the phenomena called IM. With services like Whatsapp and Gtalk, people who can afford a smartphone or a connected device, with an affordable data plan have started to get in touch through these popular services. But most people still do use the traditional text messaging service called SMS, and smartphones still support SMS. So, why fix something which is not broken? So, lets say you want to text from your phone, but not necessarily your number, where do you go?

I know what you are thinking, why not just use the IM? Nope, not all internet connected services are reliable, but if you still want to do it. There are these online text messaging/calling services that are nothing but a proxy for your own number and you can still make calls and send texts. This is particularly evident in a very famous app called Viber, which accomplishes something similar.

Also, if you have a monthly plan that does not enable you to send large volumes of text, you can still bypass it and use these services, mostly at free of cost, and get on with your care free life.

So, are you with me? Do you think that text messaging service should evolve this way? Will text messaging from the internet, i.e Text over IP be the future? Or is the the almost internet ubiquitous IM? Sound off in the comments section below!

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