Kingston DataTraveler Windows The Go Review

Kingston is the popular brand in SSD, USB drives and memory modules. Kingston DataTraveler Windows To Go is USB 3.0 bootable flash drive (works as fixed drive over USB) with the feature of Windows 8 enterprise. DataTraveler Workspace has SandForce SSD controller technology for high-performance and low-latency drive. DataTraveler workspace is available in 32GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. I will recommend to get 64 GB or 128 GB to store the personal files.

The kingston data traveler workspace looks like a regular USB flash drive but little bulky compared to the traditional USB drives. The bronze and the silver combination of the color makes this Flash drive looks good and premium. like I said before this USB flash drive is thicker than the regular USB flash drive.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace

Only few devices are certified to for windows on the go, kingston is one among them. To work with DataTraveler workspace we need to just plug to the USB drive to USB port and boot the system form USB drive. Kingston’s DataTraveler Workspace is compatible with both USB 3.0 and backward compatible with USB 2.0.During the startup process, the drive runs some quick setup to recognize the device attached to the computer.

There must be some storage space left to store the our personal data or applications on the Flash drive. So i would recommend to for higher capacity models.

With Kingston data traveler Workspace windows to go, we have the SSD like performance in a compact fashion to use windows. This flash drive is mostly useful for IT professionals and networking professionals. This USB flash drive can be used on any machine, because of the portable and plug and play option it stands unique.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace (2)

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace Windows To Go – Specifications

Capacities : 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB

Max Sequential Read/Write : 250/250 MB/s

Sustained Random 4K Read/Write : 3750/9800 IOPS

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace Windows To Go -Features

Windows To Go certified

SSD technology

Bootable, Factory configured as fixed drive

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace Windows To Go – Pros

Ease to use

Great write and read performance

has SandForce SSD controller

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace Windows To Go – Cons

Storage limitations

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