Mobile apps for transferring money to your family abroad

Planning to study, work or settle abroad or already leading an expat life? Are some close relatives or a dear friend away and you miss him or her terribly? You can now download the correct app on your mobile to stay in better and in regular touch with someone who is miles away, yet very close to your heart! Mobile technology now enables you to stay connected to your loved ones at all times, thereby making you less homesick and battle loneliness better when you or someone close to you is far away from the motherland.

When at times funds run out or that recharge card is unavailable, all you need is a money transfer mobile app that will ensure that you won’t have to stop talking! A few services have been introduced in the past few years to help transfer mobile credit. Take a look at the information below and make an informed choice as to which app to choose.


M-Pesa in common parlance is the credit transfer app by Vodafone that can be used to send to and/or receive money from a person in a different country. This comes handy in times of financial crisis or otherwise if for some reason, the person is unable to recharge the phone. Vice versa, this can be used to top up phones of your families back home so that their expenses are taken care of, to a certain extent. You can even top up the airtime on the credit received and pay those long due bills with the money transferred. Works like a charm if your bank happens to be closed over a holiday weekend! It comes with a few limitations though as both the users need the same service and the charges are a little hefty.

The one app that wins hands down when it comes to global usage and fair cost is Sendly. Whether you are a British or an Indian expat living in Europe, Asia or Latin America, Sendly is one standalone mobile app that allows you to transfer credit from almost anywhere to anywhere in the world! VoIP provider Rebtel has launched this app to enable its users avail of international calling and texting at an affordable rate. All you need is the app and the list of contact numbers you wish to transfer credit to. The money thus transacted automatically gets converted to mobile credit which can then be used to top-up your prepaid phone. The cost incurred in the transaction is bare minimum as Rebtel has relationships with over 60 mobile operators worldwide. That works wonders for the customers using their service as it burns a smaller hole in their pocket!

Other smaller apps, in terms of global presence, include Mobily and Go Mobile. Although they are functional in a select few countries and incur heavy costs in SMS and roaming, thereby making the transaction expensive. Also, you need pre-approved mobile operators to be able to use these apps. So if you are located within their operational zone, you can avail of these. Else, go for M-Pesa or Sendly which is global, inexpensive and enables super low cost international calling and texting, depending on the destination.


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