Platinum Air Hockey Game For Android

The real Air Hockey game is fun and competitive game. I remember going to Timezone with my brothers just to have fun play the air hockey table in there. Now, Platinum Apps brought this classic game to your Android Honeycomb devices. Platinum Air Hockey is an air hockey game developed by Platinum Apps, currently available on the Android Market in two versions: Free and Pro ($1.06). What’s interesting about this app is that Platinum Air Hockey was built specifically for Android Honeycomb devices.

This game has fast loading time, good touchscreen response, superior graphics, unique multiple themes and slick design.

You can choose:

  • 1 Player is when you play against the machine.
  • 2 Player mode when you go battling with your friend using the same gadget.
  • 2 Player Wireless use Wi-Fi network to have you challenging your friends who have this game in their Android tablets too.

Difficulty setting can be set from easy, medium, and hard. You can also set how many points it will take to win the match. The maximum is fifteen. The score is added when the puck is entering your opponents goal post.

Platinum Air Hockey

Platinum Air Hockey has multiple themes: Classic Arcade, Basketball, Casino, Prehistoric, and Soccer. Although those themes do not affect the gameplay, but it adds some variation to the game, just in case you’re bored of the classic themes.The game runs very smooth and fun, the advanced AI game play claimed by the developer is a truth that we can’t deny. Playing Platinum Air Hockey game is just like playing the real Air Hockey, the difference is that you play it on a smaller and lighter media.

It will be a bit difficult to control the puck, especially when it’s located behind your paddle or when the puck is on the corner, hope the developer will put attention on this small issue. Anyway, with only $1.06, I think the game is worth to try, especially when you have your friends around where you can have fun playing and compete together.

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