SanDisk Offer 128 GB SDXC Card, 64 GB Internal Flash For Phones & Tablets

SanDisk have one-upped themselves by offering what is reportedly the world’s fastest 128 GB SDXC cards. These legendarily capacious memory cards will read at 45 megabytes per second and have enough space for ten hours of 3D HD video.

Of course, for these kind of specifications you’ll need a thick wallet. The 128 GB SDXC card will reportedly cost approximately $400 in the US (and no doubt far more elsewhere in the world.) Still, if you want to shoot a lot of HD video, then this is the very best you can buy. Personally, I’d just grab four 32 GB SDHC cards for $120 in total, but then you’d have to switch cards – what a nightmare!

In slightly more relevant news for the gadget-toting consumer, SanDisk have also announced they have begun supplying 64 GB chunks of embeddable flash storage – four times the size of what they were offering last year. The newly capacious memory sticks are courtesy of SanDisk’s 19 nanometer manufacturing process. The memory, which is used by manufactures of mobiles and tablets, should mean that new top-of-the-line phones will be able to offer 64 GB of internal storage as standard – and that’s something I can look forward to.

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