The Future Is Here: 5 Mind Blowing Things Phones Can Do Today

Smartphones sure make life easier. It’s hard to imagine living life without them. These mind-blowing things that today’s phones are doing tell us once and for all: the future is now.

Watch TV Live, Anywhere

5 Mind Blowing Things Phones Can Do Today

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Your smartphone is capable of great things, but one tops them all—streaming live TV. Stuck at the airport or in a cab in traffic? Flip to one of your favorite sitcoms or check out the score of your favorite sports team. Yes, you can still catch a buzzer beating shot—in real-time. That’s worth every cent of your cell phone bill.

Several apps let you stream live television: Watch ESPN, Zenga TV, and MunduTV are just a few. Check your favorite channels for apps that stream TV shows as well.

Manage Mobility on an Enterprise Scale

Today, many companies give all employees a smartphone so they can stay mobile and connected, with the ability to create, send, and edit new spreadsheets, presentations and proposals from anywhere. But corporations need to safely manage these mobile assets.

BlackBerry enterprise mobility management gives companies control over employee phones—from a single cell phone. Managers can shut off a phone or an application, update and install new apps, and manage theft with just a few taps on their screen.

Shut the Front Door (and Lock it)

5 Mind Blowing Things Phones Can Do Today 2

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Another things your smartphone can do is unlock your front door, as well as your car door. With a single tap of the touch screen, you can unlock your front door for a friend, or a family member if they forgot their key, even if you’re in another state, using Lockitron. You can also lock the door remotely. Another great feature of Lockitron is that you can see who is at your door if you have a webcam. Many security systems include apps to arm and disarm the system and view security camera footage.

Start Your Car

5 Mind Blowing Things Phones Can Do Today 3

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Certain car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, give you fobs to unlock doors, pop open the trunk, and honk the horn remotely. But with Viper SmartStart, you have the ability to remotely start your car by touching your smartphone’s screen. You can also locate your car with your phone to make sure it is safely parked.

Brew Up Some Joe

Many apps give you more control over your home. For instance, INSTEON Hub, MobiLinc, and Conductor let you turn on lights and adjust your home’s temperature. You can even get alerts from motion detectors.

However, AllJoyn, a networking concept by Qualcomm, lets you control appliances like your coffee maker from your phone. Yes, you can finally start a cup of coffee before you get out of bed. Now, if they could only devise a way to control your smart phone without reaching over to the nightstand to pick it up.

All of these apps give you more control in life. Look for even more creative apps that will open new doors in the years to come.


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