The Use Of Flash and HTML5

Adobe Flash is a plug-in used in conjunction with internet browsers. It extends the functionality of the internet browsers permitting websites and applications to run. It is widely used by PC users and some mobile users who use non-Apple devices. Apple products have not been created to be compatible with Adobe Flash which has affected its ability to expand. Apple’s decision to not support Flash came because another type of technology was inexistence that no longer necessitate the use of a special plug-in. This technology is known as HTML5.


HTML5 is the newest version of the internet’s coding language, and is supported by all of the top developers such as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple. Web pages using HTML5 operate much faster, and another major feature of HTML5 is its ability to handle multimedia content without needing the installation of any external browser plug-ins. This particular technology also appears to be a good choice for mobile devices which provide casino gaming.

Many people want to simply select which method of obtaining multimedia content, Flash or HTML5 is the best. HTML5 promises to expand its usage for activities such as mobile gaming given Apple’s popularity. Flash still remains a vital platform for some apps especially on PC computers. However, the ultimate decision for developers will rest with which product can better support the function to provide the desired output. Also, it will be based upon access for potential users.

For this reason, it is likely that as the future unfolds more and more applications such as casino gaming will be produced using HTML5 technology. For instance, some sites such as are already looking at HTML5 technology for their Apple users. Given Apple’s dominant share of the smartphone market and tablet market this alone should help ensure continued expansion of the use of HTML5.

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