Top 10 Excellent Android Apps For Students

Android is always making great efforts to make the users feel comfortable and organized. In this context, it has introduced a really useful set of applications especially for the students. With the help of these android apps for students, the guys of various schools, colleges or universities can avail multitude of benefits regarding their classroom assignments, homework, projects, book notes and exams.

Here I have tried to sort out the best 10 Android apps for the students that would be of great help to them in their studies and career. So, let’s have a look to these great 10 applications of Android designed for the students.

1. Merriam Webster Dictionary

This free app is of great utility to the students as it enables you to look for the meaning of the difficult words anywhere you go with your smart phone. So, there’s no need to carry that heap of books with you if you have this Android app that serves as a complete guide for all your word look-up needs. The Merriam Webster contains rich word database, thesaurus and voice search that allows you to search for the desired words easily.

2. Math Formulary

For many of the students, math is really a furious subject but with the help of this wonderful app, you need not to worry about those painful mathematical calculations. This free app includes all the math formulas and provides you an easy access to the fundamentals of various mathematical concepts such as algebra, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry and so on.

3. WikiDroid for Wikipedia

We all know that Wikipedia is a great source of finding several kinds of information and to provide the benefits of Wikipedia on your Smartphone, WikiDroid has come into existence, this free android app formats the articles of Wikipedia in such a way that is easy to read and understand to fit into your phone screen. Moreover, it also includes some additional features of voice search and live search suggestions.

4. Grades: Student Organizer

This Android app is of great help to the students as this app is specifically developed to make you keep track of your homework, your classes, your exams and assignments on the go. It contains various features like attendance monitoring, teacher contact information and calendar which makes it a powerful app for the students.

5. WolframlAlpha

This Apple app is also now available for your android Smartphone that is designed to solve your all sorts of queries regarding multitude of educational fields such as science, mathematics, engineering, astronomy and so on.

6. My Student Budget Planner

For a student, managing the finances is also an important part of their studies. So this app helps you out to plan your daily or monthly budget of all your expenditure in an efficient way.

7. Evernote

This free Android app is supposed to be a great note-taking tool that allows you to record audio notes and to store images within your Smartphone. It makes you able to keep your notes in sync between the devices in an organized way using notebooks and tags.

8. Grammar Guide

With the help of this app, you can check all your grammar errors and can improve your English punctuation and vocabulary by following various rules which the app contains. The Grammar guide app is quite helpful for the beginners to solve out their Grammar problems while studying.

9. Document Scanner

Though, the students don’t require much of scanning options but this app can prove to be really useful when you see that your friend has exactly the same notes or pages which you require and with the help of your document scanner app, you can easily scan those pages at the spot without borrowing those pages from him. Isn’t it wonderful!

10. Spanish Class, Portuguese Class and French Class

Today, when the world is getting so small, it has become quite necessary to know foreign language also. Though learning a foreign language is not an easy piece of cake but this new app of Android is absolutely amazing that can make this daunting task quite easy. This app provides you with various word databases of these three languages and also several good articles to improve your grammar skills.

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