Top 4 Smart Phones To Be Considered Buying In 2012

It is not very easy to compile the list of the best smart phones in 2012 due to the exploding market. The new mobiles like Nokia Lumia, Galaxy Nexus, and few other companies has made serious attempt to make their impact in the market. The technology is growing with rapid pace and many alternative softwares and applications are on the line, leaving us with huge number of options. Previous, we used to create ringtones for iPhones with only iTunes and now many other options are waiting for us to try out, and Dropbox is having many alternatives like box, etc., making life really difficult to stand out even for the official applications.

Interestingly, most of the phones in the list are android phones obviously, which have become the latest trend of the present market. In the following sections, we will try to provide some of the important aspects related to all the top phones in the 1st half of 2012. So, if you want the buy one of the best smart phones in 2012, just go through the following information, as it will certainly guide you towards the right option.

4 Best Smart Phones in 2012 

  • Samsung Galaxy S III: The new Samsung Galaxy III has been able to occupy the top-spot in the list with its well-designed and plentiful advanced features. Among the new Galaxy S line of 2012 Smart-phones, the new S III is very impressive with its amazing 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus Display-screen, 1.4 GHz Quad-core processor, 8-MP camera, integrated MicroSD,  memory card, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, and the list goes on. It has come with loaded ICS version; so there is no need to worry about upgrading OS with this new phone, unless Google rolls out Jelly Beans.galaxy s3
  • HTC OneX – If you are planning to buy a Smart Phone that is packed with almost every feature that a user imagines, the I admit you must go with HTC OneX. It is loaded with some of the exciting features like 4.7 inch screen with whopping 312 ppi, HTC Sense UI, 8 MP Camera, ICS Operating System and 1.5GHZ Quad-core processor helping it to run with tremendous speed. One of the unfortunate things about HTC OneX is, it doesn’t have external card slot. If you are looking for some cheap mobile phones, then it’s not going to be the mobile that you must consider.
  • Apple iPhone 4S– We’ve can’t imagine a list of Top Mobile Phones with Apple iPhone and thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs for creating mobile revolution allowing us to play exciting Mobile Games and using these for millions of applications instead of using our devices just for calling or receiving calls and I still can remember playing snake game in my dad’s mobile. The New iPhone 4S comes with some of the exciting features like 3.5inch screen with 330ppi providing the users with maximum picture clarity and you don’t find such clarity in any other existing smartphones till date. With 8 MP camera, iOS 5, Dual-core 1 GHz cortex A-9 processors, Video calling over Wi-Fi, Millions of Application and what else can you ask from a device. I’ve also tried my way to create ringtones for iPhone 4S using various softwares, and well as the new Jailbreaking software is available, and what not, the iPhone is becoming much more flexible device than ever.
  • Nokia Lumia 800– If you are vexed with iOS and Android based devices and looking for some alternative devices, then Nokia Lumia 800 is the one you must be looking for. It is loaded with Windows 7.5 Mango OS, providing some fresh experience for the users. Though, Windows Mobile OS isn’t having as many applications as iOS or Android does, but still it holds few benefactors and we must give them little time to settle down in the market. With rumors creeping around that Microsoft might buy Nokia, the next project might be considered as much serious launch. Nokia Lumia 800 is loaded with features like 3.7 inch screen with 252 ppi, 512 MB RAM, 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor, Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Operating System and 8MP camera with no secondary camera option.

These are the 4 best SmartPhones that are existing in the current market and we can also expect iPhone 5 and many other mobiles shortly into market.

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