Top 5 Accessories For BlackBerry Z10

Good morning, good readers of the internet. Today we’re going to have a look at some of the best BlackBerry Z10 accessories available right now. Whether you’re in the busy businessman or texting teen demographic, I’m sure we’ll have just the thing for you. Let’s get into it!

5. Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle

The Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle is a combination of a desktop stand and charger. The cradle allows your Z10 to rest in a landscape orientation that’s ideal for keeping tabs on incoming messages, playing games or watching videos. The charger will recharge your phone at full speed, and can also be connected to a PC to transfer files. A stylish and comprehensive desktop solution.


4. MFX Screen Protector

This MFX Z10 Screen Protector will ensure that the most vulnerable element of your smartphone, the screen, remains undamaged. It only takes a single bit of dust caught between two hard objects, and your screen could be scratched, so it just makes sense to get the assurance of protection you need.


3. GripMount Case Compatible Car Pack

This is another comprehensive solution, but this time for your car. It contains a case-compatible car mount for the BlackBerry Z10 that’ll allow you to easily use satellite navigation while you’re on the go. The pack also includes a car charger, to ensure that your battery remains full while you’re on the road.


2. MU Foldable USB Mains Charger

This is an incredibly well-designed folding AC adapter that’s perfect for travelling. Despite using the bulky UK plug design, it shrinks down to a thin and flat object that’s simple to pocket. The MU provides 1A of power, enough to charge the BlackBerry Z10 at full speed.


1. Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover

This is probably the most essential BlackBerry Z10 accessory on the list – a very protective cover. It combines the innovative D3O material, which exists as a putty but then instantly hardens when it receives an impact, with a convenient flip cover that will protect the screen. The advanced technology used means that you’ll get more impact protection than with other cases of a similar size.



And that’s about all we have time for. I hope you found these selections useful! Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know in the comments below what you thought of the picks.

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