Top 5 Great Online Backup Companies

Online backup or remote back up is the procedure of offsite data storage where the folders, files or the complete contents of a hard drive are backed up regularly on a PC with net connection or remote server. This service eliminate the risk of theft, fire, file corruption, local disasters or any other danger of catastrophic data loss. This services functions very much like conventional backup software. Numerous service centers offer backup services. Their cost changes frequently sometime rises and some time drops but with the maturing working experience they are giving better and better services of backup.

So to get best it is very important to get updated regularly with the coming and exiting companies along with their offers in the market. This is the most important mantra for now days. Though application support and data storage services are not a part of productions activities, they are extra services which you need to carry out your business excellently. To help them there is a small list of some companies :

1. CrashPlan : The first leading and excellent backup service company is CrashPlan+. This company have excellent plans, software, economical schemes and of course best feature set.Interface of CrashPlan+ is outstanding having many features, which includes a net-based restore option, an exceptional 448-bit encryption level, regular backup, and foundation of a brilliant and verified backup software program. This plan gives 10 GB of storage and cost about $24.99 /year for 10GB. There is one more plan of unlimited online storage costing about $49.99 /year. Apart from this you can take benefit of family unlimited plan also which costs $119.99 /year giving unlimited online storage across 2 to 10 computers. If you want some discounts then you can take the plans for longer terms.


2. Backblaze : This is one more excellent backup software. This one is straightforward with cost effective plans. Interface of this software is very simple. This plan costs $5 per month for one computer. This gives unlimited online storage facility. If you like it you can take the plan of whole year which costs only $50/year. This one is best for those who find backup confusing and complicated.

3. Mozy : Mozy is one of those backup services which are simple to use, trustworthy, automatic and very easy to restore. To start this you have to visit their site and register there. Now download the software and install it. Fill up what type of files and folders for backup you want, and at last, set is to automatic option backup which will help you to backup whenever you like. This cost nothing as its free giving 2 GB of storage on one of the Mozy server. Fill up what type of files and folders for backup you want, and at last, set is to automatic option backup which will help you to backup whenever you like. This plan costs $5.99 per month for one PC giving 50 GB storage and $9.99 /month for three computers giving 125 GB storage. If you want it for some additional computers then you have to pay $2 per month extra, this will give 20 GB of additional space.

4. Carbonite : This online service also gives out similar work like other services. In this also they give facility to download, configure software and automatically backup the files in the background. But according to some users this one is slow compared to others. This software costs $54.95 per year giving unlimited data backup.


5. Drive : This works similarly but some things make this one different like mapped drive support, server operating systems support and regular continuous backup. Though sometime this little less user friendly but its unique features makes this more prior than others. IDrive Basic is free and gives up 5 GB storage. IDrive Pro prices $4.95 per month giving 150 GB of storage for one computer and prices $14.95 per month giving 500 GB of storage for computer up to five.

Apart from above there are many other software services like SOS Online, SugarSync, Jungle Disk, ElephantDrive, Dropbox and Backup.

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  1. Perfect. Thanks for sharing, Kathikeyan. I’ve been looking for a storage site to switch to.

  2. I used DropBox for backup, I’ll check these sites out!

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